Size Conversions

Timber Size & Quantity Conversion chart

Section (mm)Volume R/MPieces/6mBundle PiecesBundle m3
38 x 381m3692.52115.423362.911
38 x 501m3526.3287.722522.87
38 x 761m3346.2657.711682.911
38 x 1141m3230.8438.471082.80
38 x 1521m3173.1328.85842.91
38 x 2281m3115.4219.23603.11
50 x 501m340066.662523.78
50 x 761m3263.243.861403.19
50 x 1141m3175.4429.24903.07
50 x 1521m313222703.19
50 x 2281m387.7114.61503.42

Mouldings Size & Quantity Conversion chart

LengthBundle PiecesR/MF/Bundle PiecesR/M
Tongue & Groove4.220845602352

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