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The Founder

Started as a one man business which procured production equipment, enabling the business to grow into a timber manufacturing company. Reeldon now export to South Africa, Zambia, and the region.

Established good relationships with timber producers, leveraging business experience to deliver a satisfactory customer experience achieved through continuous improvement on service delivery and quality production .

We have a people first approach, and  we prioritise remuneration and reward fostering our strong corporate culture. The company looks after its own and builds loyalty by investing into its workforce



As a family business, we intend to build a heritage that deliberately hands down our identity, values, traditions and systems to the next generation maintaining our core business in timber.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to become the preferred timber supplier for all our customer types as well as a preferred employer in the timber industry as a result of our deliberate, cultured approach to business and operational functions that put people first and are built on high quality products and service delivery.


Our Principles and Values

Reeldon is built on specific principles and values that are echoed in service delivery, customer relationships and all aspects of business.

Our core values include:

  • Honesty - to conduct ourselves with fairness, and straightforwardness in all things.
  • Truth and Transparency - we believe in leading with the truth and being forthright in dealing with issues.
  • Value of life and safety - we value human and so, act accordingly in our daily functional processes
  • Integrity - we believe in maintaining strong moral principles and fostering them in our people for the benefit of our customers.

Our People


Chamunorwa Tembo

Finance Manager
+263 20 66854/71 | +263 772 551 196

Keith K. Sunhwa

Operations Manager
+263 773 770 387

Luxman Chinorwiwa

+263 777 410 160

Shadreck Chitondwe

Sales Manager
+263 772 416 484

Lorraine Nhamburo

Sales & Marketing Manager
+263 775 091 885

Rudo Mapuranga

Sales & Admin Assistant
+263 773 236 303

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